Content marketing for membership organisations.

For communities of experts, quality is everything.

When Vistage approached us to manage their content marketing, their brief was clear. Make it Vistage-quality. The team there know what’s true of marketing for all membership organisations: that content must positively reflect and attract the community under construction.

Membership organisations face a unique challenge: to balance the needs of current members while constantly attracting fresh blood. Which content should be paid for? How much value should be given away to prospective members?

The answer is always the same: all of it.

The truth is, the insights you have aren’t what matters. It’s the accountability of members that counts. The community itself.

We work with membership organisations to engage their community, define editorial guidelines and tone of voice, build brand awareness and optimise their inbound funnel – with quality the start and end point, always.

“Working with Future Content has been amazing. We’ve focused on our email marketing and every stat – from open rates, to click-throughs and enquiries – is up and to the right. The best bit is our member feedback! Everyone thinks the content has been extremely useful to help them grow their agency.”

Daniel de la Cruz
Managing Director, Agency Collective

Content case study:

Building a tech hub and brand by engaging regional experts.

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