Customer-first content strategies for B2B SaaS businesses

You built your product to solve your customers’ problems. Now let content solve yours.


As a B2B SaaS marketer, it can be tempting to scale your sales by scaling your marketing – investing in SEO, keyword research and other techniques designed to engage the widest variety of customers.

But for the same businesses, targeting the niches only they can serve is an effective route to far greater gains. Serving the bottom of the funnel with insightful case studies, how-to guides and email nurture series can be the key to unlocking six-figure accounts. No keyword spreadsheets required.

Creating this kind of content is second nature for product-focussed marketers in the B2C space. For B2B marketers, the trick to content marketing – as opposed to product-driven content and sales materials – is to find the sweet spot between following their business’ commercial angle, serving each level of their marketing funnel, and offering content which speaks to the emotional needs of their prospects.


“Future Content really encouraged us to get involved in the content creation process. We know our space now and we’re much better at talking about it, thanks to your editorial process. There’s nothing better than writing about something to really get it out of your head.

“They work collaboratively, genuinely care about the business and, more importantly, they deliver results. It’s been a great experience from start to finish.”

Neil Caddick


Since 2012, we’ve led B2B SaaS content marketing programs for emerging product teams and established businesses looking to pivot into new markets.

The results? Major client wins; £3m in secured Series A funding; global press, and effective, all-systems-go inbound marketing channels.

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‘Just wanted to let you know that we have shed loads of visitors to the site, and all due to you guys! We’ve had 1,750 visitors alone for the page today! That’s awesome. Thanks Future Content’

Louise Hewlett
Sales and Support Manager, Subhub

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