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By George Terry on January 22, 2021

SaaS Content Club #1

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Every week we’ll be sharing links and tips to help SaaS companies get more traffic and leads from their content strategy. 

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Don't make this content marketing mistake

A lot of marketers see their content strategy as being similar to a newspaper or a magazine.

New content gets published on a regular basis. It’s relevant for a while then needs to be replaced. The goal is to constantly create new content to keep people coming back.

Here’s the problem with that...

If you stop frantically publishing content, your traffic disappears. 😬

Also, the content you create has a very short-term ROI. You get a bit of traffic from social and email after it gets published, then it drops away.

This kind of strategy is short-term, hand-to-mouth and unpredictable. 

Basically, all the things a strategy shouldn’t be. 


What do you do instead?

The goal of your content strategy should be to drive long-term growth in traffic and leads.

The key word here is long-term. That’s how you need to think about your content.

Every piece of content you publish will be on the internet for a very long time. So you need to focus on long-term growth, not short-term spikes. 

The best way to do this is SEO. 👍

Only SEO can drive long-term growth in traffic while you sleep. It’s the content marketing equivalent of compound interest.

Rather than publishing isolated pieces of content as often as you can, you need to create an evergreen library of content that covers your audience’s challenges and pain points in as much depth as possible.

From your customers perspective, relevancy is much more valuable than recency. 

Your goal is to systematically build a comprehensive library of content that will be just as relevant next year as it is now. And you need to make it as search-optimised and well-organised as possible so it’s easy to find and navigate. 

If you’re looking for a good example of this approach, check out Hubspot’s blog. Notice how it’s not just a chronological feed but a selection of their best content, with deep dives into particular topics. Similarly, Ahrefs have a selection of recent links followed by their all-time best content. 



If you want long-term growth, you need to create evergreen content that’s focused on long-term search traffic, not short-term spikes.

Your content strategy is not a newspaper, it’s a library. 📚

Think Wikipedia, not The Times.


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Published by George Terry January 22, 2021
George Terry