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Founded in 1988, Rapiergroup’s roots in the event, conference and exhibition world go back a long way – with the team delivering award-winning planning and management services for the world’s largest financial, automotive, defence and pharmaceutical brands.

Before we started working with Luke Snowden, Rapiergroup’s Marketing Manager, this enviable heritage and expertise needed clearer expression to visitors to Future Content stepped in to help Rapiergroup redefine and refresh their brand’s voice and deliver web copy laser-focussed on conversion. The results were immediate.

Project Details

Client Rapiergroup Date Started Nov ‘16 Status ongoing Skills Website planning, tone of voice, branding, copywriting See Blog Rapiergroup blog

Vision without voice

After three decades in the business, the Rapiergroup team were confident in their ability to deliver exceptional event experiences across the globe. This confidence wasn’t fully reflected in the business’ brand, however, with the team concerned about falling behind their competitors online.

“At the same time, we didn’t want to come across as too cocky,” says Luke; “and so you guys had to do a good job of getting across our authority in an area and our history without being boastful.”

When we started working with the business in November 2016, Rapiergroup were on a mission to grow their business by attracting other large clients, and promote their ongoing efforts to become a gold-standard employer.

The team engaged us to inject confidence into their brand, and deliver a website strategy and copy that expressed the business’ skill, experience and global reach.


Archetypes, Brand, Copy

First, we worked with Rapiergroup’s senior management team to outline the business’ brand purpose and personality via a brand archetype exercise. Crucially, this required us to consider the brand from different stakeholder perspectives – including past and prospective clients, and candidates considering joining the team.

“We didn’t have a brand personality or a defined way that we spoke to people. Tom and Callum sat down with us and helped us chose the brand archetypes that represented how we wanted to portray ourselves internally, externally and to clients. From this, Future Content developed high-level brand personas, which now drive how we write our thought-leadership content and the pages on our website.

“It was a really useful process to go through as it made us think about different ways we should say things, instead of saying the same thing to everyone.”

With a tone-of-voice guide accessible to marketers and non-marketers across the Rapiergroup team, we then pulled apart the business’ existing site and delivered our vision for a new online presence. This included a new sitemap focussed on delivering detailed information via easily-navigated, SEO-friendly information architecture. Mapping out the user journey first made all the difference, says Luke.

“The words were secondary to the initial questions around what do you want to say, and what things do you want to include on the site, in terms of the way it was structured and how visitors got to certain pages. Rather than asking where they went and what they did, it was what do we want this person to come to the site to do?”

“It was a process of always making sure there wasn’t a dead-end for someone’s journey. Visitors always had to end up somewhere, whether at a contact page or a form, or a ‘find-out-more’. The end of the journey was always an action – which our old site didn’t do.”

As well as planning and writing new pages, we also took the opportunity to rewrite the business’ 14 case studies – this time, made accessible for prospective clients in all sectors, and not just the one the client belonged to.

“A lot of our case studies were focussed on the facts and figures around what had been delivered. But these studies didn’t tell a story. It’s the same with the website: the information was there but it wasn’t a compelling read for a visitor. We wanted to bring the copy to life and inject some interest into it – a bit of life and colour. That’s where Future Content’s expertise helped.”


International recognition

Developing Rapiergroup’s brand voice, remapping and writing the business’ website, and delivering a set of comprehensive case studies took less than six weeks.

“The timing was obviously quite tight. I’d only just joined Rapiergroup, so I was trying to learn as I went along as well. Future Content took care of the whole process for me, in terms of knowing what you wanted to achieve and when you wanted to achieve it. Right at the start, we were given a plan of what was going to happen and when, and they just got on with it.”

Since launching the site in early 2017, Rapiergroup has received web enquiries from global household names in finance, logistics, technology, banking and transport – sparking sales conversations which would have been highly unlikely with their previous one-page site.

Meanwhile, conversions on the site have increased by 574%; average session duration is up 107%, bounces are down 64%, and the number of new users has increased by 31%. The new site also scored a ‘Best Website’ nomination at the annual MIMA Awards, in 2017.

“Future Content took the time to really understand what we’re after and what our aspirations were and what we wanted to do. Then they went away and did it. The team has also been flexible about what we wanted from then. We started off needing content and copy, and have since extended our work together to include social media and newsletters, so we’ve adapted how we’re working according to the changing needs and requirements of the business.”

Is your website struggling to win conversions? Is your brand expression mangled? Then we want to hear from you. Contact our copy team via Tom at Future Content, on 0117 261 0008 or

Luke Snowdon

Marketing Manager, Rapiergroup

Rapiergroup’s Content

Rapiergroup’s Content

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