By Tom Sandford on April 24, 2020

Why you need new case studies and reviews now more than ever

Historians will, I'm told, refer to this time as BC and AC. "Before Corona" and "After Corona." 

I don’t know about all that. But there is one area of your marketing communications where I think it is true. Your reviews.

A survey conducted last year found that 85% of buyers think reviews over 3 months old aren’t relevant. Granted, that survey was focused on local consumers. But I think we both agree that it contains a truth for us in B2B, despite our longer lead times. 

If I’m in the market for a new tool or supplier, how can I be sure that they can still offer “world beating service” when half their staff might be furloughed?

You should divide your reviews, case studies and testimonials by Before Corona and After Corona. It won’t take you long. Chances are you have exactly zero in the AC column. (I know we do, sob)

We all need new reviews and case studies and testimonials that are explicitly about and of this moment. 

There is still new business to be won. But buyer trust is low, uncertainty abounds and the level of competition is at a record high

Reviews positively impact all three of these issues, but only if they are recent and relevant.

The good news is that it should be easier than ever to get them. 

As a smart marketer, you’ve spent the last 2 months treating your clients so well they can’t praise you enough. The next time they email through with a kind word, ask them if you can use it on the website. Perhaps they might even leave it as a Google review or a Linkedin recommendation?

I’m not going to provide a 5-step plan for getting reviews. Each channel is different. That said, one key step unites them all and this is it; If you don’t ask for a review, you won’t get one.

Reviews, case studies, testimonials. They’ve always been important. In an AC world, they’re even more so. 

Who can you ask for a review?


Image credits: leeyiutung

Published by Tom Sandford April 24, 2020