By Tom Sandford on September 27, 2019

The more you need from your content, the less content you need

Big goals, small budgets. Ring any bells?

I met with several extremely ambitious businesses over the summer. The growth targets were big - 100% revenue growth each year the more conservative. 

There’s a lot to be said for big goals. I’ve been known to set a few myself. But, when it comes to content marketing in 2019 (and everything else), big goals and small budgets lead to tough choices. 

Quality content wins. It has done for years. And I’m afraid it doesn’t matter what channels you’re working - be that SEO, Linkedin or email - and it doesn’t matter what format - blogs, infographics, videos - quality wins every time. Audience expectations are just so much higher than they were in 2012, and every marketer is in on the game. 

And distribution is more expensive, too (as anyone running PPC campaigns will tell you). So, if we’re really serious about doubling next year, and we don’t intend to cosy up to a friendly VC, we’re going to have to do more with less. 

More specifically, the option of producing a weekly educational article, hitting all the target keywords and following best practice - while certainly useful - is not going to cut the mustard. It will help us grow, sure. But not double. 

No, the only option for us, if we really are serious about those targets, is to be bold. Bold with our messaging, bold with our tone, bold in our selection of what we will create and invest what little we have to make it the best-darned content we can, and back it to the hilt. 

We will have to change our brand to be more controversial, to become a challenger brand and absolutely not like any of our competitors. 

What little content we do commission must be richer - in terms of research, format and entertainment value - than the competition. 

And we must create that content with distribution built-in. That could be by making it as shareable as possible. More likely it will be to use influencers in the editorial to give us the best chance of being pushed to their audiences. 

Here’s a formula to keep in mind…

Big goals + small budget = less content, better made.

There are few guarantees in marketing, but I can guarantee that, if you’re targeting massive growth, doing what everyone else is doing won’t get you there. Not the most original insight, I know, but certainly worth repeating. 

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Published by Tom Sandford September 27, 2019