9 ways to ensure you're email marketing the right way

by Marc Woodland | Apr 17, 2020 ||

A lot of marketing activity has been reactive over previous weeks. But as marketers, it’s important to remember to pause, reflect and observe what is happening in the marketing environment, so we...

B2B content marketing questions to ask before business returns to normal

by Tom Sandford | Apr 03, 2020 ||

Earlier this week I was asked “what should business leaders and marketing directors be thinking about now to best prepare for the return of normality?” 

Uncovering B2B opportunities in uncertain times

by Marc Woodland | Mar 27, 2020 ||

This is a very difficult time for many businesses. And there’s no way of knowing how long it will last and the extent of the impact. 

4 Principles for B2B content marketing during a crisis

by Tom Sandford | Mar 20, 2020 ||

What a week that was!

How to get more conversions from your best performing blogs

by Marc Woodland | Mar 13, 2020 ||

By conversions, I’m referring to generating new contacts that may become leads for your business. A conversion from your blog is someone submitting their contact details - perhaps for a gated...

A Linkedin connection plan for the Chief Exec

by Tom Sandford | Mar 06, 2020 ||

To: Managing Director

CC: Marketing Director

Subject: It’s time to get cracking with Linkedin


Dear Boss,

It’s time for you to get involved with marketing again. As you’ve seen, the digital...

How to align your sales and marketing departments

by Marc Woodland | Feb 21, 2020 ||

One of the biggest issues stopping companies from hitting their growth targets is a lack of alignment between sales and marketing.

I'm suddenly obsessed with Linkedin's content - and you should be too

by Tom Sandford | Feb 14, 2020 ||

I’m in love with Linkedin’s content marketing. 

I know, I know – I should get a life. And I will, I promise. Just not yet.

You see, they’ve been wooing me for years. At first, they were all too...

Account Based Marketing is just good marketing

by Marc Woodland | Feb 13, 2020 ||

A blueprint for B2B thought leadership

by Tom Sandford | Feb 07, 2020 ||

If you don’t already know about Mark Ritson, where have you been? The potty-mouthed marketing professor has won over LinkedIn. With 54,600 followers he has greater reach on the platform than most...