By Tom Sandford on February 14, 2020

I'm suddenly obsessed with Linkedin's content - and you should be too

I’m in love with Linkedin’s content marketing. 

I know, I know – I should get a life. And I will, I promise. Just not yet.

You see, they’ve been wooing me for years. At first, they were all too easy to ignore, producing thin, forgettable blogs. 

Then they were just a bit awkward. They were trying a little too hard – introducing a new font, colour scheme or bootlicking title at every opportunity. 

But this past year, they’ve really come into their own. They know who they are and what they're about.

They’ve accepted who they are (massive corporate machine) and they’ve settled on brand codes that make their content instantly recognisable. 

In short, they’ve grown up

And it’s not just the way their content looks that’s caught my eye. There’s substance here too. 

With recent research into thought leadership, CMO issues and (best of all) their work with Field and Binet on B2B marketing effectiveness, they really know how to push my buttons.

And best of all, they make it really easy to spend money with them. 

Each blog catches the eye. Each blog leads to a guide. Those guides lead to a product and, before I know it, I’m setting up another sponsored content campaign.

Like anyone newly enamoured, I want to show off my new sweetheart to all my friends and make sure they like them too. 

So, if you’re still unconvinced, I recommend the following to you...

  1. The B2B Institute (It’s a think tank, don’t you know) 

  2. The 5 key ingredients of lead gen content 

  3. Their quarterly magazine  

In short, they’re doing a great job. One we can all learn from. Wanted for 2020: more B2B content to fall in love with

Hugs and kisses 


Published by Tom Sandford February 14, 2020