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Buyer Enablement: A framework for B2B online lead generation and sales

Gartner coined the term “buyer enablement” last year with much Linkedin fanfare and a pretty decent ebook. I remember reading it and thinking “it’s sales enablement and buyer journey mapping in a...

Briefing: Paid-for email newsletters

How much would you pay for an email newsletter subscription?

Editorial-led distribution: What is it and why is it highly effective?

Question: How do you generate hundreds of ideal prospects ready to purchase for a brand new B2B SaaS product? 

Case study: How an enterprise grade B2B SaaS startup launched with over 350 leads

by Tom Sandford | Jul 10, 2020 |

Case studies


When we first met the Solverboard team, we were confident we could deliver on the targets they set. What we didn’t know was just how far we’d overshoot them. 

A model for managing content marketing campaigns

by Tom Sandford | Jun 19, 2020 ||

There’s nothing worse for a content team than pouring your heart and soul into a fabulous new piece of content only to see it left to gather digital dust in the corporate blog archive after...

The Trello hack that boosted our productivity

by Tom Sandford | Jun 12, 2020 |



It’s been a busy few months for us here at Future Content. Of course it's been nothing compared to the rush that NHS staff and other key workers have had to face. But we’ve definitely been going...

B2B thought leadership content marketing: customer panels are back

by Tom Sandford | May 28, 2020 ||

One of the joys of working in a content agency is you get to interview a lot of smart people on behalf of your clients. The common thread of all of our interviews over the past few weeks is this;...

Why you need new case studies and reviews now more than ever

by Tom Sandford | Apr 24, 2020 ||

Historians will, I'm told, refer to this time as BC and AC. "Before Corona" and "After Corona." 

B2B content marketing questions to ask before business returns to normal

by Tom Sandford | Apr 03, 2020 ||

Earlier this week I was asked “what should business leaders and marketing directors be thinking about now to best prepare for the return of normality?” 

4 Principles for B2B content marketing during a crisis

by Tom Sandford | Mar 20, 2020 ||

What a week that was!