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A Linkedin connection plan for the Chief Exec

by Tom Sandford | Mar 06, 2020 ||

To: Managing Director

CC: Marketing Director

Subject: It’s time to get cracking with Linkedin


Dear Boss,

It’s time for you to get involved with marketing again. As you’ve seen, the digital...

I'm suddenly obsessed with Linkedin's content - and you should be too

by Tom Sandford | Feb 14, 2020 ||

I’m in love with Linkedin’s content marketing. 

I know, I know – I should get a life. And I will, I promise. Just not yet.

You see, they’ve been wooing me for years. At first, they were all too...

A blueprint for B2B thought leadership

by Tom Sandford | Feb 07, 2020 ||

If you don’t already know about Mark Ritson, where have you been? The potty-mouthed marketing professor has won over LinkedIn. With 54,600 followers he has greater reach on the platform than most...

Why you should commission a content audit

by Tom Sandford | Jan 30, 2020 ||

Why less is more for content marketing in 2020

by Tom Sandford | Jan 16, 2020 ||

How to post on Linkedin without making everyone cringe

by Tom Sandford | Nov 26, 2019 ||

Agency Alignment Meetings

by Tom Sandford | Oct 31, 2019 ||

Linkedin sales navigator: an essential tool for content marketing?

by Tom Sandford | Oct 07, 2019 ||

The more you need from your content, the less content you need

by Tom Sandford | Sep 27, 2019 ||

Linkedin changes are good news for smaller brands

by Tom Sandford | Aug 14, 2019 ||