By Marc Woodland on October 21, 2020

80% distribution / 20% creation

Content marketers are creative. We love to make things. 

But focusing too much on creating stuff can be a disaster for your content strategy.


Because the more time you spend on creation, the less you have for distribution. 

Something we see a lot is content teams who see distribution as an afterthought. The last and least interesting part of the content marketing process.

In fact, distribution is how you maximise content marketing ROI.

By putting 80% of our effort into distribution and 20% into creation, we help our clients to drive way better results while making less content.

Want to find out how? Keep on reading...

‘Content stacking’

Creating new content from scratch is hard work.

You have to come up with a unique or original idea that resonates with your audience, write a brief, write a draft, search optimise it, create imagery and then put it all together and take everything live.

That’s a lot of work. Doing it over and again is tough.

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It’s much easier to come up with an awesome idea and then find a load of interesting ways to distribute and repurpose it.

Gary Vee calls this ‘content stacking’. 

For instance, we recently wrote this piece for The Marketing Centre:

44 writing prompts that will help business owners & CEOs create awesome LinkedIn posts

We then repurposed the core idea as a LinkedIn presentation:

It also got shared in their newsletter, their social media channels and we encouraged as many members of their team as we could to share it on social media and email it to their contacts.

Doubling down on distribution meant that we didn’t have to keep coming up with new ideas in order to drive traffic and leads.

Instead, we found new ways to tell the same story. 

Need some inspiration for how to repurpose content? 

Imagine you’ve just written a blog post about the 80/20 content distribution mix and you want to repurpose the idea in as many ways as you can.

Here are a load of things we could help you do...

  • Turn the key points into a LinkedIn / Slideshare presentation
  • Use Zoom to record a quick video conversation exploring why this is so effective
  • Take a few key quotes or ideas from the post and turn them into images for social
  • Create a webinar exploring content distribution in more depth
  • Create a five-step content distribution email course that people can sign up for
  • Create a checklist of content stacking ideas
  • Interview an or proponent of this idea and write a follow up post exploring the topic from their point of view
  • Reach out to marketing podcasters and offer to appear on their show and do an interview on the topic
  • Find relevant Quora questions and answer them using insights from the post 

That’s just off the top of my head. There are endless ways you can repurpose a good idea, provided that the idea has depth and will be of genuine interest to others.

Content distribution helps you do more with less

My favourite thing about 80/20 is that it allows you to double down on the quality of your content. 

If you’re constantly scrambling to get new content out the door, you don’t have the time to make every piece of content you create amazing.

As Tom said in this article at the start of the year...

What if you could only produce four pieces of content all year? How would you adjust your approach to make sure you hit the results you need? Less is more in 2020. And that means a little more pluck, less wasted effort and a whole heap more fun.

Do you want to come up with a repeatable content distribution framework that allows you to do more with less? Book a meeting with us here.

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Published by Marc Woodland October 21, 2020