By Tom Sandford on July 19, 2017

8 must-read newsletters for Marketing Directors

Keeping up to date with marketing trends is a full-time job in itself. Especially with the ever-growing glut of inescapable, chronically distracting and often contradictory information out there.

Each minute, we upload 300 hours of video to YouTube. Every day, we write two million blog posts. And it’s predicted that we will produce more data in 2017 than in the previous 5000 years of humanity. And, to put it politely, not all of it is great.

So, how do you find the wheat in amongst that ever-increasing supply of chaff?

You get the experts to curate it for you. Newsletters do just that by delivering relevant, focused content in one single email. Even then, you already deal with an average of 122 emails a day, so you need to make sure you pick the right ones before tendering your data to all and sundry.

These are our recommendations for marketing directors who want great insight, guaranteed.


Name: Moz Top 10

For information on: SEO

Sent: Monthly

The Moz Top 10 is a treasure trove of insight from the maestros of SEO. Even for those of us with a good sprinkling of technical knowledge, navigating the murky waters of SEO and marketing analytics is a mind-bending task. This newsletter cuts through the dross to bring marketers the most useful and actionable SEO articles and news stories.


Name: CMO

For information on: Marketing insights, expertise and inspiration

Sent: Weekly is the epitome of brilliant B2B content marketing: real, branded journalism powered by the creative powerhouse Adobe, laser targeted towards its audience - CMOs and marketing directors. They deservedly describe themselves as marketing leaders (personally, I’d go with geniuses). Tailored to bring you geographically relevant insights, this newsletter contains a wealth of curated content. As an added bonus, you can keep your finger firmly on the pulse by subscribing to their ADI newsletter (a checkbox on their newsletter sign up box), which is brimming with the latest Adobe research.


Name: Ad Contrarian

For information on: Advertising

Sent: Every Sunday

Advertising guru Bob Hoffman cuts through marketing baloney (or bullshit as he’d likely put it) with his weekly newsletter. A long time critic of social media metrics, content efficacy and adtech fraud, he's not afraid to swim against the tide, questioning commonly held digital marketing and advertising beliefs with a cynical, and more often than not accurate, eye. With headlines such as '2017: The year it all hits the fan' to whet your appetite, Bob’s candid approach to delivering insight for marketers is a breath of fresh air. Fair warning; don’t expect a mollycoddling - he’s not afraid to tell it exactly like it is, expletives and all.


Name: The Review from First Round

For information on: Tech advice

Sent: As and when the blog is published

As the venture capitalists who invested in Uber long before the rise of the on-demand economy, these folks know their stuff when it comes to trend spotting. The Review delivers against its straightforward manifesto; let the experts speak, bring actionable tactics to every piece and don’t be boring. If you write content for tech startups or VCs, this newsletter is a must read. Simples.


Name: Ben Evans

For information on: Tech news

Sent: Every Sunday

Silicon Valley VC firm Andreessen Horowitz’s in-house super-analyst Ben Evans is arguably the most accessible of all the partners with his frequent podcast appearances and prolific tweeting. Formatted as a memo, this newsletter is jam-packed with a cornucopia of noteworthy news from the tech world. Ben’s no-nonsense approach takes you straight to the good stuff, like this.


Name: Wall Street Journal (CMO Today)

For information on: Important stories for media and marketing professionals

Sent: Daily

The NYC news giant delivers the 10 stories it deems most worthy of a marketing leader’s attention in this newsletter. You’ll find a thoughtful selection of insightful news stories - even the sponsored pieces from Deloitte provide a ton of value. Should you feel the need to try before you buy, check out this preview.


Name: Marketing Week

For information on: All things marketing

Sent: Daily

An elegantly curated list of news, analysis, trends and opinion from the long-established London-based marketing magazine. Upon signup, you’ll select the topics of most relevance to you, so you won’t have to sift through extraneous content to get to the stuff that matters.


Name: Hubspot

For information on: Inbound marketing

Sent: Daily

The masters of building personable inbound communities, Hubspot bring to the table a veritable feast of actionable insights, expert opinions and marketing trends in their daily round-up. Expect quick-fire listicles, cheat-sheets and infographics galore.

With a little canny subscribing, there’s no reason to remain a victim of content shock. Save yourself a heap of time and brain ache with these intelligently curated newsletters.


Bonus Tip: We didn’t include our newsletter in the list because, quite frankly, blatant self-promotion is beneath us. No, wait a minute, it’s not. If you’re looking for a newsletter chock-full of valuable information that doesn’t take itself too seriously, we’re your guys (even if we do say so ourselves).


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Published by Tom Sandford July 19, 2017