By Stuart Roberts on May 08, 2018

6 B2B marketing campaigns guaranteed to inspire you

Is your B2B content getting you down? Bored of the same old same old? Uninspired with the insipid?

You’re not alone.

Compared to its sexy cousin - B2C - B2B marketing gets a rep of being a little buttoned up and stuffy. And often it is.  

But we’re here to tell you that software, engineering and, hell, even marketing itself, can be vivacious, exciting and eye-catching. Look...

Did you mean MailChimp? - MailChimp

Funny, quirky, colourful and effective, email marketing platform MailChimp ticked all boxes, showing you can be playful and witty, as long as you stay true to your brand and audience.

The Most Dangerous Town on the Internet - Norton

OK, not playful or sexy in a real sense, but proof that content often works best when it’s not talking about your product. This was hard-hitting and informative stuff from Norton.


So far, so expensive. MailChimp hired global ad agency Droga5 for its campaign, and few of you have the budget to produce a 20-minute doc about Romanian cyber hacking. More aspirational than inspirational perhaps? So what about work you could emulate?

Public Relations Manifesto - Cision

See here

A common or garden eBook, spruced up by the fact they enlisted a great writer and great animator to take this piece to the next level. Even the smallest touches can make your work stand out.

Crap - Velocity Partners

See here

If you wanna grab people’s attention, you can’t do it quietly, and this slideshare by Doug Kessler of Velocity Partners makes a lot of noise with one simple word. Direct and to the point, well designed and effective - the SlideShare has had 5 million views since 2013.

Newscred - The Ultimate style guide to great content marketing

See here

Taking cues from the world of fashion, content marketing business, NewsCred, created this microsite showcasing their expertise in working with high fashion brands. Noice.

HP - The Wolf

OK, one more biggy. We all know that fear and frustration drives sales more than features and benefits. This ad/trailer taps into that brilliantly. Also, Christian Slater howling. Beaut.


So there we go. B2B needn’t be dry. You can have fun, you can think differently, you can break the mould.

B2B suggests you’re selling to a business, but that’s nonsense. You’re always selling to people.

And often those people are as bored with generic messaging and ‘me too’ content as you are.

Why not take an hour to go think about your current marketing messages: your current positioning, your tone, your content, your website? Is it interesting to your audience? Does it cut through? If not, what will?

Over to you.

Published by Stuart Roberts May 8, 2018