Our Philosophy

Future Content was founded back in 2009. 

Back then, content marketing was still pretty niche. There were hardly any content agencies and brands were just starting to experiment with blogging and ‘organic’ content.

But over the next few years, all of that changed. 

Content marketing exploded in popularity as B2B and B2C brands seized the opportunity to build their own organic audiences.

But as the battle for our attention heated up, marketers started turning to questionable tactics to get results. Clickbait titles, invasive pop-ups, keyword stuffing, buying email lists…

Fads and ‘growth hacks’ came and went. But one thing didn’t.

Helping people. Listening to them. Going the extra mile.

We believe the best content strategy is to genuinely care about your customers and work your socks off to make their lives better.

As we’re fond of reminding ourselves, marketers win by helping others win. You get back the value you create for others.

We built our agency around this philosophy. We like to think that we go further than any other agency to understand your customers and create things they genuinely value.

To learn more about our content marketing philosophy and approach, check out our blog.

Meet the team

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Tom Sandford


Marc Woodland

Managing Director

Kelly Hughes

Content Manager

Lucy England

Campaign Manager

George Terry

Creative Director